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Looking Around

Looking around with open eyes -- this is a gift many of us take for granted. To "see without seeing" and to "hear without hearing" is a way of living that Jesus calls us to turn away from.

In our Stories by the Sea sermon series, we have begun to explore some of the precious words of wisdom that were spoken by our blessed Savior. During worship in our first week, we looked at the beginning of the 13th chapter of Matthew, where Jesus speaks about seeds falling from a farmer's hands, some onto rocky soil, some onto the path, others into the midst of a patch of thorns and yet others into good, moist, richly composted soil. He ends that parable with, "let anyone who has ears listen."

As our series wraps up, we will look at the verses regarding the purpose of the parables, beginning in verse 10. Jesus shares about the importance of actively engaging with the stories that He is telling. What do the images bring up for you as you read the 13th chapter of Matthew? What questions arise? What do you want to know about these "Stories by the Sea" and their context, their audience, their historical interpretations and their meaning for us today?

Bring your questions to your place of worship. Whether your engage with us here online, or you participate in-person here in the sanctuary at Tillamook UMC, you are a part of our Family. We are glad to have you with us!

As you look at the stories that our culture tends to tell, how do the perspectives align, (or clash) with the Sacred Stories that Jesus tells? Picture yourself in the audience that was gathered there by the sea when Jesus was speaking from the stern of a fishing boat. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you notice about the people and place around you?

Other than Jesus' words, what are you hearing from the crowd? From the animals? From the land your sandaled feet are resting upon?

Bring your questions and actively engage your imagination in worship!

You'll be so glad that you did!

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