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Our Ministries

We love connecting with our community!

Join us in the garden, where we grow nourishing produce

to share with our neighbors.

Chat with Pastor Wolff-Lynne about ways you would like to get involved.

Where is the Spirit of our Creator calling you to connect?

Our community is fed in body, mind and spirit through our ministries and partnerships.

All are welcome here!

Grub Club

In the summer months, we nourish the young in our community through Grub Club. 


Sack lunches are prepared by volunteers and distributed throughout the community.  If you would like to volunteer your time to nourish children in this way:

or Scott, 503-812-9134,


Volunteer one time, weekly or as often as fits your schedule.


Are you and your partner ready to deepen your commitment to one another?  Pastor Lynne is ready to help you prepare!  Set up pre-marrital counseling sessions by clicking the link below.  We will schedule a meet-and-greet and then have a few times of reflection, prayer and listening together before your big day.

Pastor Lynne is an open and affirming pastoral presence,

honoring partnerships of many varieties.

Wedding Ring
TUMC Gardening.jpg


This is not a typical communiy garden where people rent space and grow for themselves only. Instead, we all work together to sow, weed, tend, water, harvest and share the fruits of the land.  We labor together and share all that we have, and share the abundance with our nearby community.

We work together in the evenings taking shifts throughout the week to care for the land.


If you are interested in volunteering a few hours of your time in our Common Good Garden, please fill out a Contact Form here on the website.

Tillamook Food Pantry

Food boxes are available for our community in need 

every Monday at 2pm-6pm.

We host the Tillamook Food Bank

in the north wing of our building. 

Image by Tom Pumford
Boxed Food

Pastoral Support

Pastor Wolff-Lynne and our Nurturing Team

are here to help!

If you are working through a time of grief

or need a place to connect,

we are here to offer you support

and to help you find a healing network in the area.

Please call our church office to speak

to one of our compassionate staff or church leaders.

Studying the

We are here to learn and grow together

as followers of Jesus the Christ.

Join us for our times of studying the Word

online or in person!

Watch the events page for more information

on upcoming offerings.

Image by Aaron Burden
Be Inspired
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